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The Humble Chef (THC) is made up of recipes from many different people. We are thrilled to add all recipes sent to us. We do ask that when sending recipes you follow the Guidelines below:

Add Your Recipe:

  • If you would like to e- mail a picture to go along with your recipe please do so in a JPG or GIF format as a separate e-mail attachment.
  • Please give the proper credit for your recipe so we may list the correct source.
  • Cookbook
  • Family Member
  • Just plane old mine!

THC is a private site and will not sell or distribute any information on its guest. We will never ask a third party to contact you on behave of THC if you do receive any such contact please inform the Webmaster immediately. Our guest privacy is very important to us.

Discussion Forum: THC has a Discussion Forum for our guests. Feel free to share you favorite recipe or just talk about food. We do ask that you follow these rules when posting:

  • Guest should never use their full names when posting.
  • Guest should never post their home address of phone number on the forum.
  • Please make sure to add the source for your recipe in your post (see above for examples).
  • If wish for your recipe not to be added to THC site please stipulate that in your post.
  • Recipes from other sites will not be added to THC site.
  • Respect the rights and opinions of all.
  • Name calling, bashing or belittling will not be tolerated. Any such posts will removed by the webmaster.
  • THC Webmaster has final say on all matters concerning the forum and will conduct matters in a fair and unbiased way.
Repeat Offenders:
  • Guest who continuously violate THC Terms of Usage will be contact by the Webmaster through e-mail and warned of the behavior.
  • If a guest returns after a warning and continues such behavior their ISP number will be blocked and their ISP will be notified of their harassing behavior.
THC Webmaster will upon request edit a post for a guest. In doing this the following message will appear in it's place:
  • Message has be edited by request of Jane"
  • All replying posts will be left as originally posted.
Graphics|Backgrounds: All graphic?s and backgrounds are the sole creations of Gammin and may not be used with out her expressed written permission. Any persons or sites found using these items with out permission will be contacted and asked to remove them at once. If you are interested in our graphics please contact the THC Webmaster.

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